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Lights! Camera! QVC! 

My first QVC airing was on December 5, 2000. I sold a Zyliss food chopper. It was a sellout of 10,000 units in 6 minutes. 

I am honored to be recognized as QVC's "on air baking expert." In 2009, I was given my own one hour baking show "Simply Baking with Marie Louise Kier." 


There is no sweeter sound at QVC than those two magic words ~ SELL OUT!!! It takes hard work, concentration and great teamwork. I work closely with not only the host, but also with our producers, directors and talented food stylists to create a sell with sizzle and information in the all important "backyard fence" philosophy that is QVC.  That takes experience. This is LIVE TV. Place your trust in a guest who is a master at the sell and who has earned viewer credibility. 

It has been a wonderful 18 year on air journey with the teams at QVC. Being a kitchen guest host is easy ~ I am a foodie! I have represented well over 100 different companies and hundreds of items in every facet of kitchen ~ from kitchen gadgets, cookware and electrics to cookbooks, aprons, tabletop, grills, food and more. Both in the USA and the UK. Over 2,000 + airings and hundreds of sell outs! Click below for my list of clients!   

Sell out! 

One of the best things about being a successful on-air guest host is being able to take one item from a brand and make it so successful that is becomes a multi item SKU. That is exactly what happened with Corazonas Healthy Squares. What began as two varieties two years ago has grown to over 7 ~ and more to come. We are now into the millions in sales per year! 

Taking a brand to millions 

Is it possible to sell out 125, 000 pans with a wait list in one day on QVC? 



The answer is yes! In 2009, I was the on-air guest for a Slice Solutions brownie pan that had performed so well it was given a Today's Special Value day! Not only was I the on-air guest host, I also used all of my baking talents to create all of the beauty shots for the demos! 15 pans of assorted brownies, cakes, cornbreads and bars. 


In one day, we sold over 125,000 pans with a wait list! This item was so successful the company went on to offer other products for a QVC line which included a cake pan, meatloaf pan, meatball pan and more. 

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