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Infomercial host 

With over 35 years of working in the food service industry and 18 years on LIVE national TV and more, I bring a lot of experience to the table as both a host and as a producer. I have had great success as an infomercial host with the honor of working with some of the best directors and teams in the business. Both teleprompter and script. Here are three of my best shot in Boston, Miami and Los Angeles. 


I am free to travel to your location based on QVC seasonal schedules. 

What great fun to fly down to Miami to work with Derek Schwartz, Mary Wright and the talented Aussie Chef Jason Roberts, now starring on ABC's "The Chew." Click on the logo below to watch a snippet. 
OrGreenic Cookware 2009


Click for a peek!


Working with Director Rick Cesari and his team, along with co-hosting with celebrty chef Rick Tarantino was quite an experience. While the item and the infomerical never made it to a full run of airings on national TV, it generated a lot of interest and ideas for the inventors and those who have chosen to copy its technology. 

"Who is the Philosophy Woman" campaign 

Philosophy is one of the number one beauty companies on the planet and especially popular with women in the USA. With that in mind, Philosophy held a nationwide contest back in 2007 to find 20 women of all ages to be a part of their campaign for skin care. 


I was chosen to represent the 40's and as such, I was flown to Los Angeles for a week of pampering, make-overs and to be an integral part of their new infomercial. It was a week I will never forget and my testimonial ended up in the final cut! 

Tristar Productions

Tristar Productions, Inc.  hired me to shoot a 2 minute spot as the on-camera talent for their Pasta Wave cooker and when I finished, they asked to me to film a second spot for one of their alligator vegetable peelers. Talent on demand is so much easier when an entire script is on teleprompter. 


It was a great day up in New Jersey working with The Hit Maker - Keith Mirchandani and his team. 

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