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A simple summer cherry mint homemade Italian soda ... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I am officially easy like a summer Saturday morning.

While I enjoy all of the bounties of summer I would have to say that few things tickle my fancy more than those big, purple really ripe summer bing cherries. I can eat 2 cups of them in no time and while it is a bonus that they are exceptionally good for me, being loaded with anti-oxidants, they are still loaded with sugar. Not as many fat and calories as a king size KitKat, but the same sugga rush! Yowsa :)

So, I have found yet another way to relish these stemmed beauties while they are still in season. In a bev ... icy, refreshing, and me (the water hater and queen of the kidney stones) can pound one of these down in no time. I am a sparkle water kinda gal.

And it's pretty.

Simply pick your sparkling water ~ plain, lemon, mango. #PolarSeltzerssummerflavors are fabulous. Blueberry Lemonade, Raspberry Mojito, Mango and Papaya. Fill a big glass or jar with ice. A big splash of fresh lemon juice. I pit about 8 bing cherries in my cherry pitter and toss them in and muddle it. Three packets of Truvia. Top off with sparkling water. Add mint and muddle some more. You can do lemonade. Add fresh peaches, blueberries, melon ...

Makes me happy. Cheers.


Marie Louise


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