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I may love to cook at home and on TV, but I have a degree in writing ... social blogging for business and pleasure is a long awaited dream come true! 


Having a daughter who is severely autistic and on a gluten-free diet posed a special challenge for me. How could I make delicious meals and treats to satisfy her persnickety palette? And then, by chance, I came upon a box of Bloomfield Farms gluten free All Purpose Baking Mix at a local Home Goods and the rest is history! 


The baked goods were out of this world! We were so pleased with this product that I reached out to the company via Facebook only to see that they needed a jumpstart with their recipe development and social media. Family Company. Beloved in Kentucky! 


I was delighted to share my own recipes and full-color pictures with their Facebook friends! Check it out. 

Click here to buy mixes and get recipes 

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