Gluten free mixes and Wow, who knew?? Hello, Bloomfield Farms

Who is not on the gluten-free bandwagon? So much talk, talk, talk and real evidence that perhaps including foods rich in gluten in your diet may not be the way to go. Beyond those who suffer from Celiac Disease (of which I have many friends, in addition to up close and very personal experience with the journey) many of us who have decided to give gluten free a try are now enjoying remarkable results. Glue- ten. It is in the name. Glue. Ten. It can break down icky and sticky in our systems. And yet, who is really ready to give up bread, cookies, cakes, crackers ... stretchy to crispy pizza dough? Not easy. Having a daughter with severe autism made the decision to remove the gluten easier. Par

Letting go as dreams come true ...

Six years ago I had this crazy dream ... what if I could raise enough money to start an independent LIFE home for women with autism and what if that home could actually BE the very home where Stephanie (my severely autistic 22 year old daughter) grew up? Her childhood home becomes the home where she will spend the rest of her life. Hmmmmmmm. At the time, Stephanie was already 9 years into a residential program at a wonderful school for children with disabilities ... and while we were delighted to see her progress from a wild child to this demure and sweet young adult, it was painfully clear that she would need care 24/7 for the remainder of her days. There is no cure for autism, only therapi

Puff The Magic Pastry ...

I am having a love affair with puff pastry. It all began two weeks ago when I was asked, as the pastry chef for the Valley Forge Catering Company, to create a delcious apple strudel recipe for an upcoming Oktoberfest for a local bank client looking to celebrate over 200 employees. Yep. That's about 25 strudels. Break out the apple peeler. Granny Smiths. Sugar. Cinnamon and, oh yes, the puff pastry. Who knew these kinda bland, boring and rock-hard-out-of-the-freezer sheets of pedestrian beige could be thawed and rolled, cut, twisted and shaped into these decandent pillows of warm, crispy, buttery, oozing with filling like your grandma made with apples from the trees in her farm orchard orgasm

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