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Bitten and smitten by the mini baking bug

Gotta love last minute orders ... from the hubby. This was not a big job by any means, but anytime minis are called for I always overbake. I mean, how can you NOT make way too many of a lot of little goodies?

Today it was a mish mash of favorites, but I decided to play.

Mini apple hand pies with a homemade vanilla bean infused sugar. Mini chocolate cupcakes that are filled with a sinfully rich caramel sauce and then frosted with a homeamde dark chocolate buttercream. Finished with tiny crystals of french sea salt. Next were summer peach bundles that I finished with a pastry star and a sprinkle of clear sanding sugar and finally, at client request, just good old-fashioned oatmeal raisin cookies. Yum.


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