The Marathon bake week is over!!

It has been quite a week for me! It began with 3 carrot cakes and 3 Sachertortes and ended with 259 Kiffles, 250 cookies loaded with stuff, 200 lemon squares, 250 chocolate peanut butter cupcakes and 20 wild berry strudels. In between? A couple dozen homemade Valentine sugar cookies, a Dobostorte, cinnamon buns, beef stew and several large floral arrangements. In between all of the hands on baking, I have been busy working with Andy to map out our organic gardens for this year. Seeds need to be started and we are looking thru all of the many seed catalogs. Going to try some new varieties this season. Stay tuned!!

Be careful what you wish for and other joys of baking marathons!

This has been quite the month for the mixing bowls and spoons. You can always tell how much I have been baking by the condition of my hands - because when I am working in the kitchen, I am doing a ton of dishes and washing my hands. A lot. Right now, they are dried out and itchy on the scale of a dozen cookies to 6 six full size cakes and 1000 mini desserts! Let's begin with a special request from a daughter to her mother, shall we? A memorial service at the Washington Chapel in Valley Forge park. For a dear older woman who had passed away. Her daughter wondered if I could make two of her mother's favorite cakes - both fond memories from the Frog Commissary, a beloved restaurant in Philadelp

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