All for the love of summer tomatoes

It's that time of year again. When I get this insatiable call to motherhood of a veggie variety. The garden at our Green HIlls farm is getting primed and ready to plant step by step as the weeks and the warm weather ensue. And somewhere in the middle of winter, perhaps as the onslaught of seed catalogs hits, I get this itch to grow. No thought to the amount of work about to come in the next 8 months. Planting and maintaining a 10,000 square foot all organic garden is by no means an easy feat. OK, it is daunting. And back breaking and heart wrenching and very "Game of Thrones" like as we, the heroes, try to protect our kingdom from attacks by every kind of bug and slug and nasty thing you ca

A dessert buffet fit for a beach bride to be

Jessica and Tom are getting married! And Valley Forge catering Company was asked to create an engagement party with a beach theme. A dream come true given we are beach lovers ourselves. My job was to create a dessert table that brings the feeling of being lavished on a beach! The guys took care of the savories. I made beach themed cupcakes topped with gummy sharks and turtles and teddy grahams floating in an intertube. Homemade carrot cake cake pops. MIni apple pie bundles.

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