Hello, cupcake. Meet Pinata!

Who does not love a cupcake? Moist and delicious. Topped with a swirled pile of buttercream frosting and sprinkled with a rainbow of confections? How about taking the cupcakes we love to a whole new level? Filling them with surprises ~ like jelly beans, and M & M's and mini marshmallows or creams? I had the fun pleasure of not only presenting the new Love Baking Company Pinata pan on QVC last week, but I was also asked to bake for the appearance, as well. So here is the concept. The pan has two pieces - a top and a bottom. The goal here is to create a bottom cupcake with a well that you fill and then a separate top. They lock together. When baked and cooled, you use a spatula to scrape off a

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