What is it about the sea ... and leaving it behind?

I did not grow up near the ocean, in fact, I did not even get my toes in a salty surf for the first time until I was 12 years old. Atlantic City with my grandparents. And I do believe, on that day, the salt, the waves, and the sand kidnapped my very soul and have held it hostage ever since. Perhaps in a giant conch shell. I cannot say with one exact word what draws me to the beach. Peace. Serenity. Infinity. Escape. Surrender. There are so many reasons to describe why I go. Why I crave feeling my feet lapped in the waves. Why I hunger for its treasures. Why I mourn for months until I go back. Just returned from one of my favorite places on earth ~ Sanibel Island in Florida. One week that fle

That indescribable feeling of selling out on QVC!

Sold out again! 5000 Gooseberry Patch Slow Cooker Cookbooks brought in for a Wednesday night edition of "In the Kitchen with David" and we sold out with a wait list of 2,700! That makes two airings for me and two sell outs in a row of two Carlsbad Oblaten Cookie varieties on QVC and one for Gooseberry Patch. Three times a charm. Obviously, as a guest host, SELL OUT is the goal for every single time you are on the air. To sell it all out means the item has a super chance of a re-order (unless the returns are high), a very good chance of adding another item to the line. For me, quite simply, it means my job is safe for now! It is a joy you cannot begin to imagine until you are there - when th

A simple summer cherry mint homemade Italian soda ... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I am officially easy like a summer Saturday morning. While I enjoy all of the bounties of summer I would have to say that few things tickle my fancy more than those big, purple really ripe summer bing cherries. I can eat 2 cups of them in no time and while it is a bonus that they are exceptionally good for me, being loaded with anti-oxidants, they are still loaded with sugar. Not as many fat and calories as a king size KitKat, but the same sugga rush! Yowsa :) So, I have found yet another way to relish these stemmed beauties while they are still in season. In a bev ... icy, refreshing, and me (the water hater and queen of the kidney stones) can pound one of these down in no time. I am a spar

My recipe of the week ... simple roasted summer vegetables

What could be simpler or more yummy than fresh roasted summer vegetables? Now I know a lot of you HATE the thought of eating vegetables at all, but let me tell you something, when you roast them in the oven, with high heat, drizzled with some good extra virgin olive oil and then sprinkled with some sea salt and cracked black pepper ... Mommy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Roasting allows the natural sugars to come out of the vegetables. They get carmelized - crispy and brown. Sweet, mellowed out and warm and yummy. Easy to do. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees. Grab a bunch of your favorites. Cut them into equal size pieces so they all roast at the same time. Single layer them on a deep baking pan or cookie sh

I am totally in love with summer!

I would venture to say that having lived through one of the toughest winters in my 52 year history summer seems like a best and welcome friend. Ya, it's hot. Ya, it's sticky. Ya, there are bugs. Ya, there is that persvasive headache that comes from going in and out of freezing air conditioning and into extrme heat day in and day out. Ya, I hate mosquitos and gnats buzzing in my ear all night. And this fat armed gal does despise all of the sleeveless dresses and shirts. But you know what makes summer all worth it? Well, I am going to tell you. Tomatoes. The baby ones. Sugar smackers. Juliette. Grape. Sweet 100. Standing in the middle of the rows of bushy tomatoes. Picking and eating these sw

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